Minister of Finance of Georgia: in 2021, the performance of the revenues of budget has exceeded 100%

Execution of revenues in both the state and the consolidated budget has exceeded 100%, - said the Minister of Finance, Lasha Khutsishvili at the government session.

As he pointed out, as a result of the twofold changes in the budget in 2021, in total, the tax revenues of the consolidated budget increased by 226 billion GEL.

According to him, according to the revised plan, the consolidated budget tax revenue plan was 13 billion 271 million GEL, while the actual performance was 13 billion 380 million GEL.

"Compared to the revised plan, the excess was 109 million GEL, and compared to the original plan - 335 million GEL. At the same time, it should be noted that as a result of the introduction of the automatic VAT refund system, the amount returned in excess has exceeded 1 billion 930 million GEL, which is 100 million GEL more than the total amount returned in the last 11 years before the reform, "- said Lasha Khutsishvili.

As the Minister of Finance noted, the consolidated budget revenues were more than 15 billion 142 million GEL, which is 101.4% of the planned figure, the total consolidated budget revenues were 20 billion 950 million GEL, which is 101.7% of the planned figure, the state budget revenues. The mobilization amounted to more than 12 billion 750 million GEL, which is 101.6% of the planned figure, while the total figure of the state budget revenues exceeded 18 billion 369 million GEL, and the execution rate was 101.5%.

He said achieving similar parameters is the result of effective tax administration.


Source: Ministry of Finance of Georgia

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